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The Muslim Woman: Journey into the Light
(Volume 1)

I present my book as a modest gift to every righteous, devout woman
who guards in her husband’s absence what God has ordered her to guard,
then to every humble person who turns constantly to God, and finally to every
frivolous person beguiled by the charms of this world, for I pray that the Lord
grant us all wakefulness and repentance.

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Between birth and death there is a lifespan during which
man should work righteousness and worship God.
What shall be your day and night schedule in order to perform
your mission in such limited lifespan and attain bliss in this life
and in the Hereafter? How shall you start and end your day in order
to earn the greatest ultimate reward, that of contemplating
the Face of God for ever?

Day and Night Schedule
of the Believer

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Full Sails Ahead

What is the secret behind the modern
man's thirst of "elsewhere"? How can man's
heaven and earth be joined in Islam?
What glad tidings has Islam brought to mankind
here below and in the Hereafter?
What differentiates the Qur'an from
the other Scriptures?

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The Muslim Mind on Trial

What has Revelation to do with the
mind and the liberation of the mind?
How are contentment and tranquility achieved?
How shall I change what is in myself and repent,
so that God will relent toward me?

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Winning the Modern World
for Islam

What would it mean for the modern world to be
radically transformed by total submission
to God? What great project would Muslims
like to share with generous souls?

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The first purpose of my will present here is that
man and woman believers hear my voice
recorded or read it in a transcript of it
and ask for a deceased prisoner of their
sins and waiting for the divine forgiveness.

The Last Testament

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Mon Testament

Par ce testament, à ceux
qui le liront ou qui l’écouteront(1),
mon intention première,
dernière et suprême est d’en
appeler à toute personne croyante,...

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El Último Testamento

La finalidad primera de mi testamento aquí presente es que
el hombre y la mujer creyentes lo escuchen grabado con mi
voz o que lo lean en una transcripción del mismo y pidan
por un difunto, prisionero de sus pecados
y esperando el perdón divino.

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il mio testamento

Il primo obiettivo di questo
mio testamento, scritto e recitato
con la mia voce, è di fare
appello a tutti i credenti,
uomini e donne

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“What a wonderful Muslim! What a wonderful book! … [Scholar Abdessalam Yassine is] a magnificent Islamic guide for the 3rd millennium CE.”

Murad Hoffman (UK, April-2001-JuneFormer German Ambassador to Morocco

“…its themes are important and timely especially coming from such an authoritative source.”

Professor John P. EntelisFordham University, NY (USA, 1999)

“Its theme is this: what it would mean for the modern world to be radically transformed by total submission to God.”

Professor Martin JenniUniversity of Iowa, IA (September, 2000)

“The author …selected a title …considered provocative and even shocking, by secularists whose war cry is “modernize Islam!”

ISNA Islamic Horizons(USA, July-August 2001)

“He [Abdessalam Yassine] succeeds. In a remarkable way, this poet shifts from pungent polemic, to reasoned argument, to olive branch, and back again”

Executive Intelligence ReviewEIR (USA, August 2002)

“The book is excellent reading and inshallah it will be read by many..”

Julia GlanderABCE Language School, (CANADA, August 2001)

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