Day and Night Schedule of the Believer

by Abdessalam Yassine

Translated from the Arabic by Farouk Bouasse
Published in 2007 in USA



Table of Content

For Each Time There Is an Assigned Work

The Shift from the Schedule of Worldly Habits to the Schedule of Worship

1. The Prophet’s Night Prayer and Its Manners

2. The Reward of Hajj and Umra

3. The Prayer of al-Awwabin

4. A House in Paradise

5. The Successful Trade

6. Meritorious Chapters and Verses of the Qur’an

7. That by Which Faith Is Renewed

8. How to Win Proximity with the Messenger (God Bless Him and Give Him Peace)

9. Manners of Sleep

10. Duties of the Student

11. Sessions of Faith

12. No Action without Knowledge

13. The Value of Time in the Life of the Muslim

14. Du’a’ ar-Rabita

  • The Position of Invocation in Islam
  • The Throne Bearers’ Invocation for the Believers
  • With What Shall We Pray? To Whom Shall We Pray?
  • Du’a’ ar-Rabita and Companionship & Community
  • The Fruit of Du’a’ ar-Rabita
  • Invoking God for Your Brothers Is a Sign of Noble Manners
  • Prayers for the Believer in His Absence Are Answered
  • On What Foundation Should Invocation Be Based?
  • Some Manners of Invocation and to Our Brothers Who Embraced Faith before Us
  • Invocation Is a Remembrance of the Hereafter Invocation and Gifts
  • Presence and Humility


Key questions addressed by the book

Between birth and death there is a lifespan during which man should perform righteous deeds and worship God.

  1. What shall be your day and night schedule in order to perform your mission in such a limited lifespan and attain bliss in this life and in the Hereafter?
  2. How shall you start and end your day in order to earn the greatest ultimate reward, that of contemplating the Face of God forever?