Winning the Modern World for Islam

by Abdessalam Yassine

Translated from the French by Martin Jenni
Published in August 2000 in USA



Table of content

Translator’s Foreword


Introduction: On Communicating

  1. Islam and Modernity
  1. Proposing and Opposing
  2. What Is Modernity?
  3. Armed Capitalist Modernity
  4. Post-Modernism
  5. Modernity and Identity
  1. Islam and Secular Society Secularism:
  1. The Divorce of State and Church
  2. “Holy Secularity”
  3. The Secular Crusade
  4. Secular Republics at Work

III. Resistance: The Case of Algeria Resistance

  1. “We Are Muslims”
  2. Changing People
  3. The Leprosy of Humankind

IV. The Wound of Palestine

  1. The Palestine Project
  2. The Ordeal of Palestine
  3. Islamicizing the History of Palestine
  4. The Ungrateful Children of Israel
  5. Arrogance and Cruelty

V. Knowing

  1. What Is Life For?
  2. Nihilist Tenets
  3. The Bestial Tenet
  4. Correcting the Copy
  5. Uncertainties
  6. Considering Complexity
  7. Can One Speak of Modernity and God at the Same Time?
  8. Questions
  9. Revelation and Prophecy
  10. Making Sense of Life
  11. The Law: The Way
  12. The Cultural Wash

VI. Being

  1. Forming and Being Formed
  2. Unhappy Childhood
  3. On Being a Muslim Woman
  4. On Being a Western Woman
  5. On Being a Bad Mother
  6. Post-modern, Post-moral
  7. Religion and Modern Solitude
  8. Ignorance and Violence
  9. On Being Worthy
  10. On Being a Muslim
  11. The Purpose of Being
  12. An Islamic Covenant
  13. Instability Mobilizing

VII. Having

  1. Globalization
  2. Justice and Injustices
  3. Capitalism’s Impasse
  4. Capitalist Waste What Development?
  5. A Favorite Islamic Project
  6. Solidarity, Poverty
  7. The Community
  8. Ideal A Patrimony of Ruin

VIII. Power

  1. Discovering Our Future
  2. “Modernize Islam!”
  3. Our Prison: The Nation-State
  4. The Interior “Front”
  5. Change
  6. Democracy? What Democracy?
  7. Shûra
  8. Procedure and Institutions
  9. Appeal and Community Epilog

Key questions addressed by the book

  • What honorable project have Muslims designed to reestablish justice worldwide and fill the hearts with the love of God the Almighty?
  • What great project would Muslims like to share with generous souls?
  • How to win the modern world for islam? What does it mean to do so?
  • Will islam be able to rise to the challenge and appropriate to itself the modern means of development and science without losing its soul…?
  • Can one speak of modernity and God at the same time?
  • Where and how shall we invest our lives, our energy, our time, our possessions, and our wisdom, for the greatest return?
  • What is life for? Why am I here? Where am I going after death? What should I do? How should I behave in view of the Life after this? What ethic should guide my action in society?
  • What will Muslims do once they come to power?
  • What does the Qur’an have to say about the Muslim woman?
  • The human-rights intentions of islam are on trial: would an Islamic government respect them?
  • What can I do to reintegrate islam if I am a Muslim by nationality…?
  • How to initiate myself to islam if I am the product of a secular society…?
  • Are Muslims for or against democracy?
  • What is the difference between democracy and Shûra -consultation?

What others say about the book

“What a wonderful Muslim! What a wonderful book! … [Scholar Abdessalam Yassine is] a magnificent Islamic guide for the 3rd millennium CE.”
-Islamic Foundation & International Institute of Islamic Thought (UK, APRIL-JUNE 2001)
“This book will, with the help of Allah the Almighty, help us all to make known the message of the Qur’an”
-Al Jumuah Magazine (USA, JANUARY 2001)
“The author …selected a title …considered provocative and even shocking, by secularists whose war cry is “modernize Islam!”
-ISNA Islamic Horizons (USA, JULY-AUGUST 2001)

“…its themes are important and timely especially coming from such an authoritative source.”
– Prof. John P. Entelis, Fordham University, NY (1999)
“The book is excellent reading and inshallah it will be read by many..”
– Julia Glander, ABCE Language School (AUGUST 2001)
“Its theme is this: what it would mean for the modern world to be radically transformed by total submission to God.”
– Prof. Martin Jenni, University of Iowa (SEPTEMBER 2000)
“I just purchased a copy of ‘Winning the Modern World for Islam.’ I feel blessed to have found such a rich resource on the contemporary application of Islam”
-Thomas Maguire, Iowa, USA (MARCH 2001)