1st North Dakota Islamic Conference

1st North Dakota Islamic Conference

Press Release

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


1st North Dakota Islamic Conference

(FARGO, N.D., 4/03/05) – On Saturday April 16, 2005, both the Islamic Society of Fargo-Moorhead (www.islamnd.org) and Justice & Spirituality Publishing (www.jspublishing.net) will host a historical conference, “Companionship and Community” at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. To view a complete program or to register for the conference, go to: [www.islamnd.org] or [www.jspublishing.net]

The Muslim community in the state of North Dakota -like in other states- is growing. There are about 4 thousand Muslims in North Dakota, 6 to 7 million in the US, and 1.2 billion worldwide. It is noteworthy that the oldest Mosque in the US is believed to have been built in Ross, N.D. around 1929.

The ND Muslim community strongly believes in dialogue, mutual understanding, building bridges, and cooperation among various faiths and parts of the society. It absolutely rejects the notion of “clash of civilizations,” the allegation that Islam condones terrorism, and the claim that Muslims hate the others.

The conference aims at making known the message of the Qur’an by stressing an important Islamic virtue in its dual dimensions: companionship and community. The former is meant to seek the company and guidance of the pious Islamic scholars; God says: “Verily, the mercy of God is near to those who are pious & benevolent (Qur’an 7:56).” The latter is needed to make a positive impact in the American Muslim community, which will lead to the betterment of the American society at large.

The conference program will include the following:

Keynote speeches:

  1. Islamic Society of Fargo-Moorhead: State of the Society, Accomplishments, and Projects
  2. “Verily the mercy of God is near to those who are pious and benevolent (Qur’an 7:56).”


  1. Working together for the Common Good
  2. Companionship of the Pious: Key to Success
  3. Joining and Strengthening the Community


  1. Loving our Lord and our Messenger (for kids only)
  2. Relating to God through Ritual Prayer (for youth only)
  3. Introduction to Islam: Questions & Answers (for non-Muslims only)
  4. The Righteous Wife (for women only)
  5. The Righteous Husband (for men only)

Entertainment party:

  • Islamic songs by al-Anwar al-Muhammadia group from Chicago


  • Dr. Imad Benjelloun, President of Justice & Spirituality Publishing
    Phone: 319 621-0093, E-mail: jsp@jspublishing.net
  • Dr. Mohamed Fakhr, President of Islamic Society of Fargo-Moorhead
    Phone: 701 306-7884, E-mail: isfm@islamnd.org
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