Harvard University, Cambridge (State of Massachusetts)

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On Friday, April 14, the Islamic Legal Studies Program, with the Moroccan Studies Program at Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies hosted Madame Nadia Yassine along with discussants Professor Emad Shahin (American University of Cairo) and Professor Ann Mayer (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.)

The title of the talk was: “Legal Reforms in Morocco: views of a Moroccan Feminist Dissident.” The audience was made of faculty members, researchers, students, and journalists. Much of the discussion was focused on the Mudawwana and women’s rights in Islam. The full text of Madame Yassine’s presentation may be found at
a reception and book signing ceremony followed the discussion. Madame Yassine then gave an interview to Kyle McEneaney, a student researcher from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. The interview was mainly about the Justice and Spirituality Association in Morocco.

Fordham University, New York City (State of New York)

On Tuesday, April 18, Madame Yassine presented her book “Full Sails Ahead” at Fordham University Law School. The event was hosted by the Middle East Studies Program.

Besides asking Madame Yassine about her book, the audience, made mostly of students, requested her opinion on other matters such as Jihad, Ijtihad, and the relationship of Islamists with the West.

The talk was followed by a book signing ceremony. At the close of the ceremony, Professor John Entelis, renowned for his works on Islam and democracy, offered in the company of Father Patrick Ryan, Vice President of “Mission and Ministry” at Fordham University, a dinner ceremony in honor of Nadia Yassine.

Georgetown University, Washington DC

On Thursday, April 20, Madame Yassine gave another presentation of her book “Full Sails Ahead” at the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. The audience was made mostly of Moroccan students. A variety of issues, political, social, as well as spiritual, was raised during the talk.

The talk was followed by a book signing ceremony. Then, Madame Yassine gave an two interview to a faculty member, Dr. Margot Badran.

The book tour was organized by Justice and Spirituality Publishing in collaboration with the aforementioned four colleges and universities

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