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Praise be to “God” the Almighty, the Conference 2000 New York has been successfully completed through the collaboration of Justice and Spirituality Publishing (JSP) and BADR Association for Cultural & Social Activities. The conference theme was: “Winning the Modern World for Islam.” It is the title of the first book published by JSP and written by Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine of Morocco. The English translation is by Professor Martin Jenni of the University of Iowa.


The conference was a great opportunity to conduct faith-renewal activities [Tazkeya] especially that it was organized during the blessed month of Ramadan. Educational events [Ta’leem], on the other hand, took the form of speeches and panel discussions by invited guests.

The conference began with Iftar (breaking the fast) 4followed by Maghrib prayer and dinner, then the participants visited the bazaar. After that, ‘Isha and Tarawih prayers were observed in congregation.


The bazaar included a book exhibition of the writings of Sheikh Abdessalam Yassine as well as other known Islamic scholars, Islamic tapes of distinguished speakers and Islamic Nasheed.

Mr. Khalid Chahhou, the president of BADR Association,5 made the opening remarks in which he welcomed JSP and outlined the programs of BADR Association. Mr. Hassan Lachhab then delivered a Maw’itha (good exhortation) thanking Allah the Almighty and invoking His blessings and Peace upon His Messenger Mohamed -peace be upon him.

Mr. Hassan Elannani, the JSP president kindly moderated the conference proceedings.

The conference’s main session about the book “Winning the Modern World for Islam” included the following distinguished speakers:

– James Blake, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Professor
– Imad Benjelloun, JSP, CEO & Chairman
– Imam Abdelmalik, well known Da’iya and speaker

The speech by Prof. Blake focused on the question raised6 by many people who are concerned about whether or not Islamists are for or against democracy. Imam Abdelmalik presented the role of the Muslim woman in Islam and the importance of reforming the man’s behavior towards her.
In his speech, Mr. Benjelloun showed how Islam could answer the challenges of the modern world in a practical way.


His focal point was to use Sheikh Yassine’s book as a reference to revive the right interpretation of some Islamic principles with the purpose of rectifying the distorted image people have about Islam.

The conference ended with some Madeeh by Mr. Abdelhamid Askam and the adjourning supplication [Do’a’lkhatm].

All praise is due to Allah the Exalted.

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